Prana Yoga Pranayama Breathing for Stress Relief For Woman - 1CD Digital 5 Tracks

Prana Nidra  (2 Types) Guided Meditation at Work for 3mnts at Home for 7mnts.Pranayama (4 Types)guided  breathing methods for women, executives and men to do Any where Any Time for Instant stress Relief leading To Inner Peace,Happiness and a New Healthy Life Style

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Namaste! Means I respect you as I see the God in you.

Keerthana Kishore (26) and Sitara Kishore (24) during their medical school wereLooking for instant stress relief to focus on providing loving and quality medical care to patients.Their research lead to ancient Indian yoga meditation and breathing methods.They modified and improved it to be useful to today’s demanding world where people want fast results.

Prana Nidra Meditation at work for 3mnts.

Prana Yoga Meditation means mind should be blank without thinking.The wondering mind is the reason for all problems and it needs to be controlled.Prana Nidra Meditation or Silent Yoga at work for 3mnts.This is guided meditation.This is done in sitting position. You Should not think.You should not move your body. All you need to do is just listen to the beautiful voice of Keerthana Kishore. You will automatically go into meditation.After 3mnts your stress will be gone,you will bounce back with positive energy. Do this Any where Any time

Prana Nidra Meditation at Home for 7mnts

Prana Nidra Meditation or Silent Yoga at Home for 7mnts.This is guided meditation.This is done in sleeping position. You Should not think.You should not move your body. All you need to do is just listen to the beautiful voice of Sitara Kishore. You will automatically go into meditation.After 7mnts your stress will be gone,you will bounce back with positive energy. Do this Any where Any time.You can also do this in sitting position.

Pranayama Breathing Methods For 8 mnts

Kapala Bhati Reduces Abs in 5mnts

Prana is the life force which is our breath inside our body which can cure most ailments..We do not breath as required leading to lack of oxygen in cells which leads to pains and all kinds of medical problems. Pranayama is easy breathing methods to give oxygen to all the cells in our body.

Pranayama Concept-The slower you breath the longer you live.It  is possible to live for 108 years with Pranayama.

 Pranayama 4 Types for 8 mnts, Ujjai,Bhastrika,Analom-Vilom and Kapala Bhati are presented in a listen and do format with a clock in the recording for the count which makes this so unique and scientific.

Pranayama Introduction,Bhastrika Pranayama and Kapala Bhati by Keerthana Kishore.Ujjai Pranayama and Anlom-Vilom by Sitara Kishore.

Ujjai Pranayama is Equal breathing.Analom-Vilom is alternative breathing to send oxygen to the right and left brain.Bhatrika Pranayama is breathing with movements of hands. Easy 5 mnts Kapala Bhati helps reduce Abs and in detoxing.The intensity can be felt on your stomach if you do 5000 times in 15mnts.

Recording the voices mixed with real sounds of river Ganga and Various birds makes you totally relaxed and surrounded with nature, where ever you are, Work,Airport,Flight.School,College or Home.

To help you meditate with easy listening we included World Famous 3 Jewels “Budha Mantra for World Peace”. Bonus Track of “Om Om Om” both composed and sang by famous Prana Kishore with Prana Music.


Mind is in control .Oxygen is sent to all cells in your body.Helps remove stress,remove inner fear,reduce BP,Depression,Anxiety,Improve quality of sleep,

Inner peace,Happiness,Confidence,courage and over all improvement in health.

Who can do this?

This can be done by women,young adults,executives,men and Seniors

Stress Management Movement

We need to reduce and manage stress at school, college, work , home and in

all relationships. Join us in this movement,pl learn and  teach to others

Limited Free down loads to students who help their grandparents meditate

This is Ideal for Generation X-Y-Z, Baby Boomers and Seniors.

It is a great tool to Empower Women.

Keerthana and Sitara dedicated this to their late Grand Mother on her

10th Anniversary this July 2013 who told them “If we educate one women, she will educate the whole family” they will educate the whole community who in turn will educate the whole country leading to Overall improvement in health and world peace, all at no cost.

Now down load on your I Phone,I Pod,I Pad smart phones and Go

 You are Empowered From Today !

Namaste  ! Also means Thank You  as I see the God In You 

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Feel the Effect of Flowing River and Birds Singing, Let Your Prana Enjoy

Suklam Bharadharam

Tvameva Maatha

Om Sai Shridi Saibaba

Om Shri Rama Hanuman Raksha

Prana Nidra for 3 Minutes at work

Prana Nidra for 7 Minutes at Home

Pranayama 4 Types for 8 minutes

Multiple Uses of CD

Easy Listening to Relax from Stress Feeling the OM Vibration & Rama Hanuman Chalisa

Easy to  Learn Or Listen to  Mantras to Improve Life Style, For Instant Hope, Courage & Remove Fears Etc

As Music Therapy cure to most Ailments like Depression,Anger & Even Stop Smoking

Practice Prana Nidra -Silent Yoga Guided Meditation at Work for 3 mnts & Home for 7mnts All you need to do is Close Eyes & Listen- FREE Down Load 

Practice Pranayama 8mnts Guided Breathing Technics to Improve Blood Circulation and Oxygen to Cells in yr Body-FREE Down Load

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